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Journey with us through

Lux & Claritas


Introducing LIFE IN TRUTH - a joint venture of Lux in Tenebris – Light in Darkness & Claritas Spiritual Theology.

Combined, these two missions form one apostolate which seeks to bring greater light, truth, and clarity in charity to as many people as possible, so that captives can be set free, souls can be saved, people can have greater peace – in short, so that people can live a life in truth!

Join Dr Denise Clare Oliver and Dr Christina Pal as they embark on this new adventure in God!

Spiritual Formation

START WEDNESDAY 27th September

Claritas courses, books, and resources equip you to understand the great spiritual masters and how everyone can reach the heights of holiness.

Please click the centre of the image to view the introductory video.

Claritas is dedicated to offering resources suitable for laity, priests, and religious. We delve deeply into the Catholic Spiritual Tradition and see its relevance for today. Whether you want to grow in your own spiritual life, or you are already a spiritual director or formator and you want to learn more about the spiritual life and formation, Claritas provides the tools.

Join us on this journey so that together we may be further transformed by grace, enlightened by truth, and inflamed by love.

Reasons for Faith

START MONDAY 25th September

Lux in Tenebris – which means Light in Darkness – provides education, encouragement, and resources to all who are open to the transformative power of the Light of Christ.


Please click the centre of the image to view the introductory video.

In the midst of contemporary culture, so much distress and confusion, and the media storms of bad news, we focus on the Good News of Jesus Christ, “centre of the universe and centre of history,” (St John Paul II, Redemptor Hominis 1).

Learn how to give credible answers to difficult questions. Learn how to deal with some of the most difficult questions of our time. Discover the connections between Scripture, the Fathers of the Church, St Thomas Aquinas, and the Catechism on various topics. In the process of learning how to answer the questions of others, your own faith will be edified and your hope strengthened.


Deeper into Scripture - Hearing the Voice of the Saviour

Discover the voice of the Saviour speaking directly to you and enter more deeply into friendship with Him.

Learn how to read the Sacred Page – how to go beyond a superficial reading & begin to penetrate deeply the Word of God. Examine Catholic Principles for Scriptural Interpretation, see the overarching story of the Bible, and then focus on the Gospels and the words of Christ Jesus, who says, ”These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete,” (Jn 15:11) .

START TUESDAY 26th September


The Holy Spirit, the Psalms & the Liturgy of the Hours

Why do New Covenant Christians spend so much time reading and praying the Old Covenant Book of Psalms?  What is the Liturgy of the Hours (the Divine Office), and why is it so focused on the Psalms?

How can praying the Psalms help us to exercise our baptismal priesthood more fervently?  In this course, we turn to the Holy Spirit, “the master of the interior life” (CCC 1995), and learn how to plug into the prayer of the Church. In this way, we learn to enter more deeply into Life in the Spirit, and pray in union with millions of believers around the world.

START WEDNESDAY 20th September OR  FRIDAY 22nd September


We are very grateful to Bishop Philip Egan (Bishop of the Diocese of Portsmouth, England) for his blessing and his continued prayers for this new apostolate.

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